Why the Mowbot Franchise is the Future of the Lawn Care Industry

The fast-growing lawn care franchise is more environmentally responsible, more convenient and better at customer service

If we could fast-forward five or ten years into the future, the idea of a robotic lawn mower autonomously cutting your lawn and the lawns of everyone around you will not seem like an idea out of The Jetsons , but a reality.

Robotic lawn mowers already are widely used in Europe and have been for decades — and now the technology powering the robotic lawn mowers is equipped to handle large American lawns. The ascendency of robotic technology will completely disrupt the traditional lawn care industry, which IBISWorld values at $82 billion annually. Mowbot is one of the earliest adopters of this robotic technology and combined with our proven track record as a franchisor of one of the leading restoration companies this positions us as a standout opportunity for entrepreneurs who want a way out of the corporate world and into a brighter future.

Mowbot Robotic Lawnmower

“I’ve been involved in franchising for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve seen an emerging technology married to a proven business model and world-class franchisee support,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO of Mowbot. “We’re taking all the infrastructure we’ve designed to support our other franchise brands and are applying it to a technology that is going to change the way Americans manage their lawn care forever. The opportunity for growth is tremendous, and we’re excited to help entrepreneurs grow and prosper as Mowbot expands across the country.”

“Mowbot is the only responsible way to cut grass — period,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO of Mowbot

As much as we all love our lawns to look green and plush, we have to realize that when using traditional lawn care equipment this comes at a high cost to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that conventional lawn care equipment is a significant source of pollution, accounting for 5 percent of all U.S. air pollution. Consider this: one gas-powered lawn mower produces as many toxic emissions in one hour as 11 new cars produce in the same amount of time Even more damaging is the fact that Americans spill more than 17 million gallons of gasoline into the soil every year..

At the consumer level, there is the risk of all sorts of unwanted intruders such as weeds and pests that traditional lawn mowers traveling from yard to yard can spread. Mowbot eliminates the risk of such cross-contamination. The fact that traditional lawn care companies only service a property once a week or bi-weekly means that these yards do not receive the attention they need to be green and healthy. When the traditional lawn care guys do show up, you know it — as the equipment they use is extremely loud, and the noise affects the entire neighborhood.

Mowbot represents the end of the traditional lawn care practices, both regarding pollution and customer care, as we enter a new era of environmental responsibility and stewardship.

Our battery-powered, robotic lawn mowers are immediately noticeable because they’re operating independently of humans to cut lawns in a far superior fashion. The fundamental reasons Mowbot is such an improvement over the status quo, though, are less visible. Besides the fact that they are environmentally responsible, the way our robots operate is much better for the grass over time; our robots cut the lawn in random patterns day or night, cutting less than a millimeter at a time, resulting in a healthier and greener lawn.

The fact that our robots and other battery-operated equipment are silent is another big win for Mowbot; soon the days of being startled awake at 6 a.m. by landscaping crews’ racket will be gone for good. There are actually communities that have completely banned gas-powered leaf blowers, and many have placed hourly restrictions on them due to the noise. Also is the frustration of scheduling appointments with landscaping crews or fighting with them about unprofessional work.

“Once people understand that they can get a better lawn for the same amount of money they’re already spending, hiring Mowbot becomes a no-brainer,” says the local owner of the Mowbot franchise in Mooresville, North Carolina. “Imagine you’re having a party on Saturday, and it’s been raining all week, so your lawn hasn’t been cut. You’re worried about whether your lawn is going to be cut in time for your party. With Mowbot, these worries are over. It’s just a matter of time before Mowbot becomes the norm for lawn care.”

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