Mowbot Franchise Rolls Out New Robotic Mower Giving Franchisees the Capability to Cut Any Type of Grass

The revolutionary lawn care franchise continues to innovate on its service model

Mowbot, the revolutionary robotic lawn care franchise, just announced that it will begin to deploy new, high-cut robotic mowers in addition to the traditional model. This gives their franchisees the capability of trimming all varieties of grass.

Mowbot franchise robotic mower

Designed by Husqvarna specifically for the American market, where lawns are much larger and different varieties of grass abound, Mowbot’s new high-cut mowers are a key differentiator in the $82 billion lawn care industry; they outperform any other provider of robotic lawn mowers.

“Our new high-cut mowers will be a tremendous asset to our franchise owners, as they will be able to better serve their clients,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO of Mowbot. “Robotic lawn mowing technology is the way of the future. Not only is it an environmentally sustainable way to cut lawns, it also can produce a much healthier, plusher lawn. Our high-cut mowers can be tailored to fit the needs of any customer’s lawn”.

Many types of grass are found on American lawns, and all of them demand to be cut differently. Here are the types, along with their recommended cutting heights:

  • Tall Fescue – 2 ½”–3 ½”
  • Fine Fescue – 2 ½”–3 ½”
  • Bluegrass – 2”–3”
  • Perennial Ryegrass – 2”–3”
  • Annual Ryegrass – 2”–3”
  • Bermuda Grass – ½”–1”
  • Centipede – 3”
  • Zoysia – ¾”–1 ½”
  • Bahiagrass – 2”–3”

Mowbot’s traditional models can cut up to 2.4 inches and the new high-cut model can cut from 2.0 to 3.6 inches, so they have something that works for each grass type.

Working closely with Husqvarna, Mowbot franchisees get state-of-the-art robotic mowers and battery-powered equipment, which help reduce the carbon footprint of the lawncare industry. The robots cut lawns day and night, rain or shine, in near silence. Having a partnership with Husqvarna makes all the difference. The company invented its first robotic mower in 1995, and the robots they’ve developed are the only ones that work with guide wires — which helps mowers get back to their charging stations faster. Now, with the high-cut models, they have the widest range of cutting height. As Husqvarna continues to develop new technology, Mowbot franchise owners will benefit by being able to deploy it in their businesses as soon as it is ready for market.

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