Owning a Mowbot Franchise Just Got More Affordable with The Great Pioneer Deal

The revolutionary lawn care franchise is rewarding early adopters by lowering barriers to entry

Mowbot, the revolutionary lawn care franchise, recently announced the Great Pioneer Deal of 2018, a limited-time offer that rewards early adopters of our proven business model by significantly lowering the costs of ownership.

The Great Pioneer Deal initiative makes it easier for entrepreneurs to join the brand poised to completely disrupt the $82 billion lawn care industry for the better. By utilizing state-of-the-art robotic lawn mowing technology, Mowbot does away with the need for traditional gas-powered lawn mowers, as well as the pollution that comes with them. With the majority of home and property owners preferring to use a lawn care service to take care of their yards, Mowbot is ready to become the industry leader for lawn care throughout the nation.

“We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs capitalize on what is the greatest shift the lawn care industry has seen since the advent of the gas-powered lawn mower,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO of Mowbot. “We wanted to reward the early adopters of the Mowbot franchise model, and our Great Pioneer Deal makes buying into Mowbot far more affordable than ever before. We expect that this limited-time offer will help our brand grow rapidly across the United States.”

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of buying into the Mowbot franchise early with the Great Pioneer Deal of 2018:

Initial Franchise Fee Reduced: The initial franchise fee shall be $39,000, which is a $10,000 discount.

Local Ad Requirement Waived: We normally require our franchisees to contribute $36,000 to the local ad fund, however, we will waive this requirement for the entire term of your franchise agreement.

Car Requirement Waived: If you own a suitable vehicle, we will not require you to purchase a new vehicle, saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs. We will require that you submit your vehicle for approval and brand it according to our standards.

Annual Bot Commitment Waived: Under our original franchise agreement, we typically require our franchise owners to purchase 40 bots per year. This requirement will be waived entirely for the term of your franchise agreement.

Brand Fee Matched: Husqvarna, the supplier of our robotic lawn mowers, has agreed to match the 3% brand management fee.

Husqvarna Bot Bonus: Upon the official opening of your business, Husqvarna will provide 20 robotic mowers free of charge (tax and shipping not included).

When combined, the benefits of taking advantage of the Great Pioneer Deal of 2018 will not only lessen the start-up costs, but will also provide you thousands of dollars in savings down the line, quicken the ramp-up time, and help you become established in your business quickly. Take advantage of this limited time offer by requesting our free franchise report today!

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For in-depth details about the Mowbot franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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