Ready to Enrich Your Life with the Revolutionary Mowbot Franchise?

The fast-growing lawn care franchise is ushering in an environmentally responsible era of lawn care

Despite the public’s increasing demand for adopting practices that have fewer negative effects on the environment, the status quo often continues because of money — and why else? But now, a company is emerging to transform this paradigm and usher in a new era of eco-responsibility to the lawn care industry: this is your introduction to Mowbot.

lawn care franchise showing mowbot mower in action

Mowbot was founded on the desire to give entrepreneurs a proven business model that is affordable to own, easy to run and fulfills a need for millions of Americans — mowing their lawns — without gas-powered mowers that are terrible for their lawns, their communities and the planet. Our lawn care franchise owners aren’t sending crews of strangers to tend their customers’ lawns. Instead, every customer’s lawn is outfitted with a battery-powered robot that cuts the grass in near-silence, rain or shine, and outperforms traditional gasoline-powered mowers in terms of the overall look of their lawns and in ways that matter to our health.

Here are some ways our robots compare with their gasoline-powered counterparts:

  • They do not emit fumes into the atmosphere.
  • They do not leak gasoline into the soil.
  • They are nearly silent.
  • They are weather-proof, which means they can cut grass in the rain.
  • They are more efficient in cutting grass, which means a healthier, greener lawn over the long term.
  • Every customer gets their own robot, which means their yard isn’t vulnerable to the spread of disease, insect larvae and weeds from typical lawn care company machinery.

Why robotic lawn mowers will replace gasoline mowers forever

The traditional lawn care industry is enormously irresponsible in its continued use of gas-powered lawn mowers — machines that generate an astonishing amount of pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, traditional lawn mowers account for 5% of our nation’s total air pollution, as about 800,000 people mow their lawns every weekend. The EPA also reports that one gas-powered lawn mower emits the same amount of noxious fumes in one hour as 11 cars do in the same timeframe.

The Mowbot franchise represents an enormous opportunity to reverse course on this irresponsible practice with technology that has proved effective in Europe for decades.

“Companies have been manufacturing these mowers for over 20 years, but the technology has just gotten good enough from a battery perspective to mow large suburban lawns,” says Tony Hopp, CEO with Mowbot. “Our robots are virtually silent, which is a huge benefit to communities that want to maintain a peaceful environment. They are cleaner and greener than traditional mowing methods by a substantial margin, and our customers will never have to deal with strangers in their backyards again.”

Click here to watch Hopp explain what makes Mowbot so appealing.

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