Co-founder Tony Hopp got the idea for Mowbot sitting in his home office one day when an “army of maintenance people” came into his neighborhood to mow lawns. With all the noise, dust, and smells the work generated, he thought there had to be a better way.


Hopp shared the idea for a robotic mower business with Jeff Dudan, who recognized it as a great opportunity. They began by installing the machines on their own properties and gauging reactions from their neighbors. The robotic mowers drew a lot of attention, even prompting some people to stop and take pictures.


After researching robotic mowers for about a year and spending another year building the business, Mowbot began selling franchises in 2018. Our partnership with Husqvarna provides us access to marketing and advertising resources, as well as technical support other emerging brands cannot access.


The robots deployed by Mowbot are state-of-the-art. Using advanced sensors and self-charging technology, they never require even a drop of gasoline. Our mowers, equipment, and vehicles are battery-powered; as such, they use less energy than the equipment of traditional lawn care companies. Mowbot’s environmentally-friendly approach allows us to do our part in protecting the environment.


Mowbot has a multitude of offerings, typically costing the same or less than your traditional commercial lawn-care service. We offer a variety of services whether your customer just wants a robotic mower to continuously mow the lawn or our Mowbot wranglers to provide additional services such as trimming, edging, and leaf blowing. We have custom service offerings to cater to your clients’ needs.


By utilizing battery-powered equipment that’s virtually silent, Mowbot creates less noise pollution than traditional lawn-care companies. There’s no more loud humming, buzzing, or droning. There are actually communities that have completely banned gas-powered leaf blowers, and many have placed hourly restrictions on them due to the noise. A Mowbot customer is the best neighbor to have next door.


Anthony D. Hopp

Anthony D. Hopp

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Anthony D. Hopp has served as Mowbot’s chief executive officer since July 2017. During the past five years, he has served as a founder and board member of the following companies: – EOS, Inc. (1995-2016) – EOS Business Services, Inc. (2005-present) – Springtel, Inc. (2008-2018) of Chicago, Illinois Additionally, Mr. Hopp served as the chief technology officer of AdvantaClean Systems, Inc. (2017–2019), and sits on the board of Tour Tech (2017-present), a leader in the event technology space. From 2000 to 2002, Mr, Hopp worked as a business builder and entrepreneur in residence at McKinsey and Company, where he focused on business-building and accelerator efforts for Global 1000 companies.

Jeffrey R. Dudan

Jeffrey R. Dudan

Chief Development Officer

Mr. Jeffrey R. Dudan has served as Mowbot’s chief development officer since our inception in July 2017. In 1994, he founded AdvantaClean Systems, Inc., a light environmental services concept. The company was named the 33rd fastest-growing business by Entrepreneur Magazine in 1995. Mr. Dudan served as CEO of AdvantaClean Systems, Inc. from 2000-2019 and started its franchising concept in 2009. He serves on the Emerging Franchisor Committee as well as the Franchisor Forum to the IFA. Mr. Dudan is a contributing member of the Forbes Business Development Council and author of the book “Hey, Coach.” He is also the finance chair/learning chair for YPO International.

Monique E. Kunkle

Monique E. Kunkle

Vice President of Operations

Mrs. Monique E. Kunkle joined Mowbot as a project manager in January 2018. She is originally from the Netherlands and has international business experience in both Europe and the U.S. Prior to joining Mowbot, Mrs. Kunkle was a sales manager and member of the management team at Burkert Fluid Control Systems. From 2006–2011, she worked on various consulting and research projects focused on high-growth companies. Mrs. Kunkle has also worked in business development and export assistance for the state of Maryland.


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