The majority of landscaping and lawn-care providers are living in the past. Did you know the first gasoline-powered mower went to market in 1919 and not much has changed since then?

Environmentally conscious lawn care


There have been some advancements in the past century, but most mowers and other equipment used to maintain lawns are still powered by gasoline instead of electric power. This is a major contributor to pollution, and it’s also bad for the soil when gas is spilled. Mowbot’s battery-powered equipment uses less energy and absolutely no gasoline.

Healthier lawns with Mowbot

Healthier Lawns

Mowbot’s full-service lawn care develops healthier, hardier grass for your customers to enjoy. Robotic mowers produce more resilient lawns that require less fertilizer and irrigation. They cut continuously and in different directions, preventing grass from going into shock. The tiny grass clippings that are left behind are full of nitrogen and provide much-needed nutrients for your customers’ lawns.
Mowbot requires less labor

Less Labor

The average lawn service requires one technician per 50-60 yards. One Mowbot technician can deploy robots to mow many more yards. Mowbot provides a significant reduction in labor and a significant increase in reliability. Our robots have GPS to determine which areas need to be cut and which ones can be left alone. Our mobile app informs you when troubleshooting is needed and keeps track of your mowers.
Mowbot lawn care services franchise

The Lawn Care Market

It’s no secret we love our lawns. Americans spend thousands of dollars to take care of them. It should be no surprise that lawn care has grown into a $99.5-billion industry. However, no matter how much we love our lawns, we prefer hiring someone else to mow them. The National Association of Landscaping Professionals reports that 94% of adults living in the U.S. have used a landscaping service.

Customer Acquisition

Our call center is the jewel of our franchise support. Mowbot handles all customer inquiries, converts them into scheduled appointments, and helps manage the customer relationship. Knowledgeable call center representatives deliver a world-class customer experience.
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