Mowbot Franchise Is Disrupting the Traditional Lawn Care Business Model

The revolutionary lawn care franchise can be started with just one employee and is quick to scale

We’ve all been there — waking up to what sounds like an army invading the neighborhood, only to discover it’s the neighbor’s lawn care crew operating their mowers and blowers at maximum volume. This problem, as well as all of the problems lawn care services have associated with hiring and relying on a large staff, ends with the revolutionary Mowbot franchise.

In the $82 billion lawn care industry, it has become standard for crews to become larger and larger to increase efficiency — one person mows, one person trims, one person operates the leaf blower, and so on. From a business perspective, having to hire and rely on an ever-growing staff is a shaky proposition: payroll costs go up, and customer service can go way down as the organization becomes harder to manage and standards drop.

Mowbot is the exact opposite. For starters, our franchisees can begin this business on their own or with a staff of one or two employees. They do not even have to cut lawns — our robots do that! Mowbot franchise owners provide ancillary services such as trimming or blowing, but with significantly less pollution, less noise, less stress and fewer employees eating up the margins.

“With Mowbot, every customer gets a robotic lawn mower installed at their home or property,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO of Mowbot. “All of our equipment is 100% battery-powered, which makes our services serene and quiet. This marks the end of the army of lawn mowers coming into your community, waking everyone up. Unlike the traditional lawn care companies who might visit once a week if it doesn’t rain, Mowbot continuously cuts the grass one millimeter at a time — day or night, rain or shine — in virtual silence. This makes your lawn healthier, greener and plusher over the long term. Our robots also are far safer than traditional lawn mowers. People cannot be cut by our blades, because the robots will stop if they are touched or picked up for any reason. Traditional lawn mowers are tremendous polluters — so this is a far healthier way to cut grass for the planet, and for you and your family.”

The Mowbot business model is turn-key and straightforward, which helps franchise owners get started in business quickly. Mowbot offers industry-leading training and ongoing support, including a 24/7 call-center, which serves to answer customer calls, schedule appointments and manage the customer relationships that are vital to the success of any business. The call center also has the added benefit of saving you thousands of dollars on having to hire an office manager to keep you organized.

“By the end of the weeklong training, I was so excited — I really was champing at the bit to get started,” says Newman Aguiar, owner of a Mowbot franchise in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. “The beauty of the business model is that you can start off by yourself. You don’t have to hire staff, which also means that you have to wear many hats as your business grows. The call center helps immensely. After we were featured on the news and were inundated with calls, it allowed me to focus on growing the business in my community, installing the robots on my customers’ properties and going on sales calls.”

Mowbot has never been more affordable to own

To help more entrepreneurs thrive in business, Mowbot recently announced the Great Pioneer Deal, a limited-time offer that rewards early adopters of our proven business model by significantly lowering the costs of ownership. Here are the benefits of buying into the Mowbot franchise early:
Here is a breakdown of the benefits of buying into the Mowbot franchise early with the Great Pioneer Deal of 2018:

Initial Franchise Fee Reduced: The initial franchise fee shall be $39,000, which is a $10,000 discount.

Local Ad Requirement Waived: We normally require our franchisees to contribute $36,000 to the local ad fund, however, we will waive this requirement for the entire term of your franchise agreement.

Car Requirement Waived: If you own a suitable vehicle, we will not require you to purchase a new vehicle, saving you thousands of dollars in start-up costs. We will require that you submit your vehicle for approval and brand it according to our standards.

Annual Bot Commitment Waived: Under our original franchise agreement, we typically require our franchise owners to purchase 40 bots per year. This requirement will be waived entirely for the term of your franchise agreement.

Brand Fee Matched: Husqvarna, the supplier of our robotic lawn mowers, has agreed to match the 3% brand management fee.

Husqvarna Bot Bonus: Upon the official opening of your business, Husqvarna will provide 20 robotic mowers free of charge (tax and shipping not included).

Learn more about the Mowbot franchise

For in-depth details about the Mowbot franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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