The Mowbot Franchise is Your Chance to Build a Brighter Future

CEO of the fast-growing lawn care franchise opens up about why Mowbot
is a great investment opportunity

Jeff Dudan is no stranger to inspiring entrepreneurs to take their futures into their hands by opening their own business. As the CEO and Founder of AdvantaClean, one of the nation’s leading restoration franchise systems, Dudan has helped dozens of entrepreneurs find lasting success in business by offering exceptional ongoing support and a proven business model designed for long-term growth. Now, Dudan aims to help even more entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership through Mowbot, a brand poised to disrupt the $82 billion lawn care industry.

Jeff Dudan

Mowbot is far more than a disruptor — it is a substantiated business model backed by the same exceptional support infrastructure Dudan established for AdvantaClean. With a low-cost investment, Mowbot is an exceptional choice for entrepreneurs who want to be in business with untapped profit potential and a quick ramp-up. The lawn care service Mowbot provides is environmentally responsible and much more fun with state-of-the-art robotic lawn mower technology.

In this wide-ranging interview, Dudan opens up about his passion for entrepreneurship, why Mowbot is the only responsible way to cut lawns, and much, much more:

What makes you so passionate about helping entrepreneurs find success in business?

Business ownership gives you the opportunity to wake up every day and be lit up about what you’re doing. We all want to have control over what happens to us. We don’t like to be micromanaged, and we don’t want to feel that today’s the day we could lose our job, which can impact our family as well everything we have going on. We want to make progress in our lives, that we’re better this year than we were last year. When we look back on what we’ve done, we want to feel like we’ve accomplished something meaningful. Being a business owner is a great way to achieve far more than what you thought you ever could — because your success is entirely up to you showing up and working hard.

Why is culture extremely important to the success of your brands?

Everyone puts values up on the wall, but your true values are what you tolerate. Your true values are what you can get fired for in your organization. When we decide on whether someone is a great fit for Mowbot, it is very important that we evaluate each other. We want to make sure that our franchise owners are going to show up in their markets the right way — the same way that we’re going to show up for our franchise owners. We have people who have been with us for 20 years at the home office, and this is not just a job for them, this is something they’ve built from the ground up. They come here every day to help our franchise owners succeed in business.

Accountability and excellence go together. We have to wake up every day and go out and deliver what our customers expect. We talk to our franchise owners sometimes three or four times a day. You have to hold each other accountable and to do that we practice mutual respect — and that translates out to the customer.

What makes Mowbot a great opportunity for entrepreneurs?

Mowbot is leading the transformation on how grass is going to be cut in the United States. Robotic lawn mowing technology has been huge in Europe for over 20 years, and now the technology needed to cut the large lawns of homes and businesses in the United States has just become available.. There are so many advantages to cutting grass this way; it is indisputable that this is the way grass is going to be cut in the future.

What makes Mowbot a disruptor to the traditional lawn care industry?

With Mowbot, every customer gets a robotic lawn mower installed at their homes or properties. The Mowbot employees provide ancillary services like trimming or blowing, but with significantly less pollution, less noise and less stress. All of our equipment is 100% battery-powered, which makes our services serene and quiet. This marks the end of the army of lawn mowers coming into your community, waking everyone up. Unlike the traditional lawn care companies who might visit once a week if it doesn’t rain, Mowbot continuously cuts the grass one millimeter at a time — day or night, rain or shine — in silence. This makes your lawn healthier, greener and plusher over the long term. Our robots also are far safer than traditional lawn mowers. People cannot be cut by our blades, because the robots will stop if they are touched or picked up for any reason. Traditional lawn mowers are tremendous polluters — so this is a far healthier way to cut grass for the planet, and for you and your family.

Everybody has different things that are important to them. I’m concerned about cross-contamination. When a lawnmower goes from yard to yard, it brings everything from your neighbor’s lawn to your lawn. Because we install a robot that’s specific to your property only, your lawn doesn’t get affected by weeds, insect larvae and more from all the other lawns in your community.

Why is now a great time to invest in a Mowbot franchise?

When people realize how much cleaner and safer Mowbot is for the environment and the health of families, people are going to be waiting in line to get their robotic lawn service. I’ve been involved in franchising for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve seen an emerging technology married to a proven business model and world-class franchisee support. We’re taking all the infrastructure we’ve designed to support our other franchise brands and are applying it to a technology that is going to change the way Americans manage their lawn care forever. The opportunity for growth is tremendous, and we’re excited to help entrepreneurs grow and prosper as Mowbot expands across the country.

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