Millions of Americans Work from Home: You can, too, with the Mowbot Franchise

The fast-growing lawn care franchise is a simple-to-implement, low-cost investment, a home-based business that will change your life for the better

Imagine if instead of rushing out of your home in the morning to beat the traffic on your daily commute to a cubicle, you could wake up and get right to work on your own business — and not just any business, but one with the potential to make your life, the lives of your customers, and the health of the entire planet better than ever before.

This is what Mowbot offers to entrepreneurs who are passionate about disruptive technology, about improving the environment, and about making an impact in their communities. Mowbot offers you a chance to own a growing business that makes a meaningful difference in the world.

The core component of the Mowbot franchise opportunity is the robotic lawn mower technology we use to cut our customers’ grass. Unlike traditional gas-powered mowers, the robots are battery powered, emit zero fumes into the atmosphere, barely make any noise, can operate in the rain and at night, and do not spread weeds and mold from yard to yard. As the country becomes more committed to eco-friendly practices, the way we cut our lawns ought to be at the top of list.

Click here to learn more about why Mowbot is far more environmentally responsible than traditional lawn care methods.

Because Mowbot franchise owners assign a robotic lawn mower to every customer, they do not have to hire crews to cut their customers’ lawns. As a franchise owner, you will be the only employee until your business scales up significantly. This gives you several advantages, including a faster ramp-up time, a larger share of the revenues and low ongoing expenses.

How do we help you run a successful home-based business?

We recognize that you may be a first-time entrepreneur, coming from corporate America. However, our business model is simple to implement, and we have invested significantly in a robust support infrastructure to help your business thrive over the long term.

Mowbot Robotic Lawnmower

We support our franchisees with:

  • The POWERFUL Mowbot Marketing and Call Center Combo
  • The 90-Day Plan to Success to guide you through the first three months
  • Up to 10 days of training
  • Customized scheduling software
  • A Quick Start marketing campaign
  • An Online Marketing Manager — SEO, SEM, PPC and customized programs

“The level of support that we offer franchisees is a reflection of our values,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO and co-founder of Mowbot. “Our franchisees invest real time, sweat and money to join our brand, and we have invested significantly in the support infrastructure to ensure that our franchisees are successful. We’re far different from other franchise systems in this regard. We’re extremely involved from day one, and we continue to be extremely involved going forward.”

Learn more about the Mowbot franchise

For in-depth details about the Mowbot franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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