How Does Mowbot Support You?

You Will Never Be Alone in Your Business

Mowbot franchisees receive ongoing support designed to help them find lasting profitability

While we may be the new kid on the block, Mowbot franchisees have access to one of the most robust support platforms in the franchise industry. The support infrastructure that we established is the result of 20 years of helping entrepreneurs enjoy longevity in business.

Mowbot franchisee discussing a lawn with a client

“The level of support that we offer franchisees is a reflection of our values,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO and co-founder of Mowbot. “Our franchisees invest real time, sweat and money to join our brand, and we have invested significantly in the support infrastructure to ensure that our franchisees are thriving. We’re far different from other franchise systems in this regard, because we’re extremely involved from day one, and we continue to be extremely involved going forward.”

Franchising with Mowbot means that you’re never alone in business. From the moment the franchise agreement is signed, Mowbot franchisees become a part of our family, we work together to ensure that you have the resources, knowledge and skill set necessary to succeed.

This is how we do it:

Initial training

Mowbot franchisees visit our training facility in North Carolina for up to 2 weeks of training. Our training program focuses both on learning how to run a business as well as technical training related to lawn care. We will help you master the business model, teach you how to sell the services, engage effectively with customers, establish a business plan, and how our call center and in-house marketing support will help you get established quickly. The technical component of our training program includes in-depth product training as well as horticulture and grass types.

Ongoing financial coaching

Mowbot takes the success of our franchisees seriously, which is why we emphasize ongoing financial coaching. In addition to helping you create a business plan, our coaches will meet with you regularly to help you reach your goals, refine your growth strategies and ensure that your business continues to prosper.

Ongoing marketing support

We recognize that the majority of our franchisees are not marketing experts, which is why Mowbot helps manage your digital marketing and demand generation for as long as you’re a part of our franchise family. We build your website, set up PPC and SEO to generate leads on an ongoing basis and provide you with customizable advertising materials.

We keep you focused

Our call center is the jewel of our franchise support. We handle all customer inquiries, convert them into scheduled appointments and help manage the customer relationship.

Ready to invest in a Mowbot franchise?

The total investment to open a Mowbot franchise ranges from $53,710 to $129,680, making Mowbot an affordable investment opportunity with enormous potential. With low ongoing costs, a small staff and a clear plan to help you become quickly established in business, Mowbot is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a groundbreaking concept that will change the way Americans take care of their lawns.

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