How Does Our Technology Work?

The Lawn Care Industry is Ready to be Disrupted

Mowbot is bringing robotic technology to disrupt the lawn care industry

In the not-so-distant future, robotic lawn mowers will be everywhere, working independently of humans to keep lawns greener and cut grass more efficiently than ever before. Mowbot is ushering in this bold new era, and we’re inspiring significant interest from entrepreneurs who want to join our mission. Making the lawn care industry more environmentally friendly, healthier for people and animals, while also providing a better customer experience.

The core of our business model is centered around our robotic lawn mower technology. Widely used for more than 20 years in Europe, where lawns are much smaller than in the United States, the technology has been substantially enhanced to make robotic lawn mowers a viable option to replace traditional, gas-powered lawn mowers.

Mowbot lawn mowers are completely autonomous, the robots use GPS to service the lawn, cutting less than a millimeter off the blades of grass. Unaffected by weather, the robots mow the lawns rain or shine, day or night — and when they are done, they return to their charging docks. Perhaps most important to your customers, the robots are virtually silent, allowing you and your neighbors to live in peace. With Mowbot noisy, gas-powered mowers and leaf blowers become a thing of the past.

Mowbot lawn care technology at work on a yard

“Our manufacturing partner has been manufacturing these mowers for over 20 years, but the technology has just gotten good enough from a battery perspective to mow large suburban lawns,” says Tony Hopp, CEO of Mowbot. “Our robots are virtually silent, which is a huge benefit to communities that want to maintain a peaceful environment. They are cleaner and greener than traditional mowing methods by a substantial margin.”

If you’re wondering if robotic lawn mowers pose a safety concern for children and animals, we can ease your mind. The robots immediately stop in front of objects, and will stop if the robot is picked up or becomes stalled for any reason.

“If the unit is lifted, the blades will stop instantly,” Hopp says. “While the blades are effective in cutting grass, if you touch them, they will fold. These are remarkably safe machines.”

Mowbot lawn care technology

From an ongoing maintenance perspective, Mowbot provides franchisees with the technology necessary to manage a fleet of hundreds of robots. Once installed, the robots become entirely autonomous. If the robot requires attention, it sends a message directly to your cell phone. If a customer desires any modifications in the robot’s performance, such as grass height, you can program the robot from your phone in seconds.

Mowbot also is a lot of fun. The novelty of having robots mowing independently in your customer’s yard will inspire them to see them as members of their family, and business owners will see them as a way to build brand culture.

“We’re going to have all of our customers name their robots,” Hopp says. “The robots will get social media accounts, and they can post on their own. They become like pets for families and mascots for businesses.”

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