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Mowbot is an investment opportunity with potential

Mowbot is the rare business opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of a concept that is poised to disrupt an entire industry.

Mowbot uses robotic lawn mowing technology to produce a healthier lawn, while also being far healthier for the environment and far more energy-efficient than traditional gas-powered lawn mowers. The lawn care industry has not been disrupted in this way since the first gasoline lawn mower went to market in 1919.

Mowbot lawn care franchise customers happy on their lawn

“Mowbot is the way that grass will be cut in the future because it is the only responsible way to have your lawn cut,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO and co-founder. “We are looking for people who are interested in disrupting an industry with a new technology that is far superior to the status quo. This is a service that everyone needs: American lawns are the largest crop in the country by a large margin, and there is tremendous opportunity in every community to make a difference and a great living with Mowbot.”

Mowbot is structurally efficient and cost effective

The sole focus of the Mowbot executive team is to help our franchisees find lasting profitability in business. Our extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals has led us to establish an industry-leading support platform that emphasizes profitability.

Mowbot lawn care franchise owner at work with a client

“We’re very proud of how much effort we put into making sure our franchisees have the ability to run profitable, growing businesses,” Dudan says. “We look forward to helping entrepreneurs unlock their full potential with our brand as we work together to disrupt an industry that cannot read the writing on the wall. Mowbot is the future of lawn care.”

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