What is a Mowbot Franchise?

The Bold New Era of Lawn Care Begins with Mowbot

Mowbot is a revolutionary lawn care franchise poised to permanently disrupt the lawn care industry

Mowbot is ushering in a bold new era for the $99.5 billion lawn care industry by bringing robotic lawnmowers to the mainstream. While popular in Europe for more than 20 years, robotic lawn mowers have finally emerged in the US, and this exciting technology is positioned to change the way lawns are maintained.

Mowbot is an exciting investment opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of a concept that is prepared to disrupt the entire industry.

“It is indisputable that Mowbot is the way that most grass will be mowed in the future,” says Jeff Dudan, CDO and co-founder of Mowbot. “The technology is just now available to the benefit of all home and business owners, including government properties, medical, educational and recreational facilities and other commercial properties that require lawn maintenance. The benefits are enormous from multiple perspectives. Robotic lawn mowers are better for the environment, they are better for our health, they save us time and stress, and they cut grass far more efficiently than the traditional, gas-powered lawn mower.”

Mowbot is a simple-to-run business that is easy to scale

When you think of a landscaping business, you might think of the independent guy-in-a-truck companies for which the industry is known. Mowbot is the exact opposite. For starters, our franchisees do not have to hire additional lawn care crews to cut their customers’ lawns — our robots do that! One of the main issues traditional lawn care companies face is finding and retaining enough qualified personnel. Our franchisees focus on their business, networking and building relationships in their communities to win new customers. These local efforts are bolstered by the call center at our headquarters, which works to drive new customers to our franchisees. Mowbot’s call center supports customer interaction, ensuring that your reputation remains exceptionally high and saving you thousands of dollars every year on an office manager.

Most importantly, Mowbot is a turn-key business model that allows you to get up and running extremely quickly. Because of the support mentioned above, you do not have to rent an office or hire office staff. The crew requirements in the field are low because our robots mow the lawn and require little maintenance after their initial setup. They also come fully equipped with GPS, so that you know exactly where your fleet is at all times and they will send an alert directly to your phone if an issue occurs.

What training and support does Mowbot provide?

We support our franchisees with:

POWERFUL Mowbot Marketing and Call Center Combo
Jumpstart program to get you ready for opening
Up to 2 weeks of training
90-day plan to guide you through the first 3 months
Customized scheduling software
Quick Start marketing campaign
Online Marketing Manager — Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click and customized programs

Ready to invest in a Mowbot franchise?

The total investment to open a Mowbot franchise ranges from $53,710 – $129,680, making Mowbot an affordable investment opportunity. With low ongoing costs, a small staff and a clear plan to help you become quickly established in business, Mowbot is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an innovative concept that will change the way America’s lawns are maintained.

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