What Services Do We Offer?

The fast-growing lawn care franchise offers multiple revenue streams

Mowbot is bringing the $99.5 billion lawn care industry into the future — and in the process, we’re helping entrepreneurs establish themselves in a business that has the power to transform their lives. Our franchisees, in turn, provide a service that improves quality of life for their customers and makes a meaningful step toward helping a long-polluting industry become more environmentally responsible — all with the potential to reap enormous financial rewards.

In the early days of opening your business, you are encouraged to take on the dual role of owner/operator, meaning that you not only preside over growing your business but also perform the services that you provide to your customers. Depending on what services you offer, you may choose to hire a small staff to perform the weekly yard maintenance and/or seasonal services. As your business grows, we work with you to scale up wisely, including recommending when you should hire new technicians.

“Beyond the fact that robotic technology is fun and exciting, our business model allows our franchisees to operate this business on their own until they significantly scale up their customer base,” says Tony Hopp, CEO of Mowbot. “We provide all the tools they need to thrive in their communities, as well as all the ongoing support they need to run profitable businesses over the long term.”

As a Mowbot Franchisee you can choose which of the following services you would like to focus on. Each requires different levels of investment in equipment and personnel, giving you the ability to choose the one that best matches your growth strategy.

Bot Only

Installing robotic mower in the customer’s yard and maintaining and servicing the mower, which is owned by the franchisee. Customer still handles their own edging, trimming and other yard maintenance or franchisee partners with other companies that can offer these services. Higher investment in equipment, low investment in personnel.

Full Service Lawn Care

Providing full-service lawn care using robotic mowers. Higher investment in equipment and personnel. Standard service could include weekly visit to customer’s yard to do the edging, trimming and leaf blowing. In addition, the franchisee could offer seasonal services such as: Aeration, Fertilizer, Seed, Lime, Pre-emergent, Post-emergent, Mulch, Bushes and shrubs.

In addition to bot only or full service lawn care you can choose to add installation services as a revenue stream. You will be able to participate in the various installation programs Husqvarna offers for both online and retail sales.

Installation Services

Offering installation services and service & maintenance contracts to end-users that bought their own robotic mower. Add-on revenue stream to bot only or full service lawn care.

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